February 14, 2016

Meaning of Chautauqua

Later Indian History

 Various significations have been ascribed to the word Chautauqua.  We learn that it is a compound word formed from the Seneca words “Ga-joh” “figh,” and “Ga-dah-gwah” “where taken,” or “the place of,” according to Dr. Peter Wilson, now deceased, an able and educated Seneca Indian.  By dropping the prefixes or first syllables of each of these words, in accordance with a Seneca method of speech, we have the compound word Joh-dah-gwah, meaning “the place” or lake where fish are caught, more comprehensively Fish Lake.

Chautauqua and Other Iroquois Names
W.M. Beauchamp
Science, Vol. 18, No. 457. (Nov. 6, 1891), pp.261-263.
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Origin of the Name Chautauqua
Albert Samuel Gatschet
Washington & Glen Echo: 1891.
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