Winners Announced for Inaugural Prendergast Short Film Festival

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Prendy Jr. winner Arran Carlson

Prendy Jr. Winner Shane T. French (left), Prendy Co-Winner Matthew Swanson (center), and Prendy Jr. Winner Joshua A. Latona (right) pose with their respective trophies. Prendy Co-winner Steve Johnson is not pictured.

Prendergast Library would like to thank everyone who participated in and/or attended our first ever Prendergast Short Film Festival on Friday, February 9th, and would like to congratulate the following winners:

  • The Prendy Award Winner: Matthew Swanson & Steve Johnson for short film “Boo?
  • Prendy Jr. Award Winner: Shane T. French for short film “Refurbishing a Record Player
  • Prendy Jr. Award Winner: Joshua A. Latona for short film “Beyond the Door
  • Prendy Jr. Award Winner: Arran Carlson for short film “Rebel Scum”

Several participants (including each of the winners) have given their permission for us to display their films on the Facebook event page. Our team learned a great deal from the experience and received a lot of excellent comments and constructive criticism. If and when another film festival event will be announced, our team will most definitely be making some changes based on our team’s observations and your remarks.

The Prendergast Short Film Festival Team would also like to take a moment to apologize to Gracie Anderson, as during the festival her film was cut short at an awkward moment due to technical difficulties and an oversight by the MC. As a result her entry did not receive proper recognition at the time. We’ve received permission to post her original short film in its entirety on the event page.

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