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Public Postings Policy

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Public Postings and Displays Policy

The James Prendergast Library Association provides space for approved public postings to be displayed.

Organizations, events, and all other topics being promoted must be non-profit in nature. Items for posting may not be for personal or commercial advertisements. Prior to being displayed, materials for posting must be approved by a library manager. Library staff will post materials for the public.

Library staff will remove and discard outdated materials. Postings may be moved or removed on an ongoing basis as new postings are received.

The library’s display case is available to the public when not otherwise in use by the library. The purpose of the display case is to provide education and enrichment to patrons and the community at large.

Displays can include, but are not limited to, promotion of an organization’s services, educational topics, and community events. The display case can be reserved for a period of up to 4 weeks dependent on availability and the above conditions.

Organizations and groups using the Library’s meeting rooms may request directional signs be posted by library staff. Directional signage will be generated and posted by library staff.

Posting or distribution of materials by the Library does not indicate endorsement of the posted content

Approved by the James Prendergast Library Board of Trustees on March 17, 2022; Revised on January 18, 2024