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Science Kits

Check out our new science kits!
Learn about different STEM concepts with hands-on activity kits. Each kit comes with cards that walk children through exciting, skill-building experiments and activities.
***Science kits were funded by grants from the Holmberg Foundation and the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation .***
Beginner Animals Science Kit
Animals (ages 6+)
Beginner Matter Science Kt
Matter (ages 6+)
Beginner Solar System Science Kit
Solar System (ages 6+)
Intermediate Force and Motion Science Kit
Force & Motion (ages 8+)
Beginner Force and Motion Science Kit
Force & Motion (ages 6+)
Beginner Plants Science Kt
Plants (ages 6+)
Beginner Weather Science Kit
Weather (ages 6+)
Advanced Green Energy Science Kit
Green Energy (ages 12+)
Beginner Insects Science Kit
Insects (ages 6+)
Beginner Rocks and Soil Science Kit
Rocks & Soil (ages 6+)
Intermediate Electricity Science Kit
Electricity (ages 8+)
Intermediate Just Add Water Science Kit
Just Add Water (ages 8+)
Advanced Mechanics Science Kit
Mechanics (ages 12+)
Intermediate Optics Science Kit
Optics (ages 12+)
Intermediate Simple Machines Science Kit
Simple Machines (ages 8+)