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Bloodborne Pathogen Policy

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Bloodborne Pathogens Policy

Though normal library operations are not likely to expose employees to bloodborne pathogens, there is the possibility of a patron or staff member being injured at the library and blood and/or bodily fluids being present. It is recommended that, in the presence of blood, staff provide appropriate first aid materials and that paramedics are called in all but minor injuries involving blood.

Exposure Determination: No particular job classification of the Library has occupational exposure (meaning “reasonable anticipated…contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials that may result from the performance of an employee’s duties”), however, emergencies may occur with staff or patrons, particularly youth or elderly patrons, to which library employees in all classifications may be called up on to respond with assistance. In addition, emergencies with “out of control” individuals (e.g. biting, spitting, etc.) could present an individual threat.

The library will provide employees with gloves and other protective gear to use in an incident. Hand washing facilities are available and employees are to wash their hands and any other potentially contaminated skin area with water and soap immediately after an incident.

Immediately following an incident involving blood or other potentially infectious bodily fluids, of an injured or ill patron or staff member, the assisting staff member must fill out an incident report and give it to administration where the circumstances of the incident will be reviewed by the Director and the report will be kept on file.

If, while on duty, a staff person assists in the provision of first aid and blood or other potentially infectious bodily fluids are present, the staff person will be offered a confidential medical evaluation, paid for by the library.

Responsibility for adherence to this policy falls to each employee.

Approved by the James Prendergast Library Board of Trustees 2/16/2018

Revised 2/17/2022