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Photography Policy

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Photography Policy

In order to promote the library’s programs and services, the James Prendergast Library sometimes uses photos of patrons in its publications, press releases, and social media. Any library user can decline being photographed. The Library will post this policy and if a library user notices a photo of himself or herself that they would like removed from library publicity, staff will do so upon notification.

Photographing Adults
When photographing one adult or a small group (3 or less), staff will obtain verbal consent if their faces are visible. Written consent will only be required if person’s name is to be published.

Photographing Children Under Age 18
When photographing one child or a small group (3 or less), staff will get verbal consent from the child’s guardian prior to taking the photo, if the children’s faces are visible. Written consent will only be required if child’s name is to be published.

Photographing Groups of Adults/Children
No permission is needed to take photos of crowds during events at the library.

Photographing Library Events
At the beginning of library events, staff will announce, “library staff will take photographs which may be used for library promotional purposes. Please notify staff if you do not want to be photographed.”

The following sign will be posted in the library to further notify patrons their picture may be taken:

“Your attendance at library programs may be digitally recorded through photographs or video recordings. These images or videos may be posted on our website, on social media outlets, or local publications. If you do not wish your image to be published, please notify library staff before or immediately after the program. No individual identification will be used unless the library has a written photo release form.”

The Library accepts no liability for the use of photos or film resulting from the activity of any other person not under the direct supervision of the James Prendergast Library. Any persons filming or photographing on Library premises have the sole responsibility for gaining all necessary releases and permission from persons who are filmed, photographed or imaged. Further, the photographer or videographer is solely responsible for ensuring that no copyright infringement occurs while conducting his or her activity. The Library undertakes no responsibility for obtaining such releases.

Rights of the Library
The Library reserves the right to enforce all above provisions at its sole discretion. The Library’s first priority is fulfilling the mission and policies of the James Prendergast Library, and as such, has the right to terminate the activities of any person which it feels in its sole discretion are inconsistent with the mission or other policies. All staff of the James Prendergast Library is authorized to terminate any photography, filming or imaging which appears to compromise the safety, security and enjoyment of its patrons.

Photography and Recordings by Library Patrons
While the Library is a public place, it is considered a “limited public forum” under federal law. Public libraries may reasonably restrict the exercise of free speech rights in their buildings, particularly when the conduct would disrupt or interfere with other visitors or staff, or be inconsistent with the Library’s mission.

Permission is not required for taking photographs or videos in public areas of the Library building for personal, noncommercial use if no tripods, lights, or other specialized equipment is used. There are locations and/or areas where the taking of photographs or videos is restricted or prohibited.

Taking photographs or videos of, or in, restrooms and areas reserved for staff-use-only is prohibited. Additionally, persons taking photographs and videos shall not:

(i) compromise a patron or staff member’s right to privacy,
(ii) harass, intimidate, or threaten a patron or staff member, or
(iii) block library aisles, walkways, stairwells, doors, or exits.

The Library has these basic guidelines for photographers, whether professional or amateur:

(i) Filming, photography, or use of other recording devices may not interfere with the
provision of services or anyone’s enjoyment of the Library.
(ii) The photographer will honor the requests by anyone in the Library who does not wish to
be photographed or recorded.
(iii) Minors may not be photographed or recorded without the consent of a parent or
guardian, except by Library staff during Library-sponsored programs and except
incidentally in group or crowd photos.
(iv) The use of tripods, stand-alone lighting equipment and microphones or other accessories is not permitted without the permission of the Library director. Requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Approved by the James Prendergast Library Board of Trustees 3/21/2019; Revised 12/21/2023