Meeting Rooms Policy

Meeting rooms are available when the Library is open. They are to be used for general information, educational, cultural and civic needs in accordance with the Library’s mission and the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights” which states, “Libraries that make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.” Permission to use a meeting room does not imply library endorsement of the views expressed, goals, policies, or activities of any group or organization. The content of programs held in the meeting rooms has not been reviewed or approved by the library, and the organization booking the room is solely responsible for such content.

A meeting room application is required. You may complete an application online or download the form, complete it and bring it into the Library’s Information Desk. The Library reserves the right to determine which room will best accommodate each group’s needs, and assign rooms accordingly. All use of Library meeting rooms must be approved by a library manager.

The Library has 4 available rooms:

  1. The Conference Room, which has a maximum capacity of 15
  2. The Literacy Center, which has a maximum capacity of 15
  3. The Fireplace Room, which has a maximum capacity of 95
  4. The Community Room, which has a maximum capacity of 95

For-profit groups and party-type functions are asked to provide a suggested donation of at least $50.00 for each use of a room. Donations may be made by cash, credit card, or check made payable to James Prendergast Library. With Library approval, educational entities may charge nominal material costs, but the public may not be denied entry to the meeting because of failure to pay. For-profit groups or organizations/individuals soliciting or selling products, services, or memberships are not eligible to use the Library meeting rooms for those purposes.

Library-sponsored programs and co-sponsored events, Library programming and Library educational events; meetings held by Library-related organizations; nonprofit groups or tutors offering one-on-one sessions will not be asked to provide a donation.

Meeting Room Regulations

  1. It is understood that the public will be welcome to all meetings.
  2. Children’s and youth groups may use the facility, provided that they are adequately supervised by adult sponsors. Adults are defined as those eligible for adult borrower’s cards.
  3. To maintain a hygienic environment, refreshments are currently prohibited at meetings
  4. Groups cannot use the library’s name, address or telephone number as their official address or contact information.
  5. Permission to use a meeting room does not constitute an endorsement by the Library of a program or point of view. Any advertisement, press release, media announcement, posters, or handouts about events in the Library’s meeting rooms must state that the event is not a program of, nor sponsored by the Prendergast Library. The Library may ask to see such notices prior to the public release.
  6. When making a booking, please include time for your group to set-up and also return the room to its standard arrangement. Any setting up of chairs or rearrangement of furniture and other equipment must be done by the users and then replaced to a standard arrangement when finished. Additional tables and chairs are available upon request.
  7. The Library is not able to guarantee that a particular time slot will continue to be available to any individual or organization on an ongoing basis.
  8. The Library reserves the right to reschedule confirmed meeting room reservations to accommodate Library-sponsored meetings or programs. However, every effort will be made to avoid such conflicts and/or to offer alternative options.
  9. Failure to adhere to meeting room policies or regulations may result in revocation of meeting room privileges.

Approved by the Board of Trustees of the James Prendergast Library, 10/16/2020.