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Exam Proctoring Policy

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Exam Proctoring Policy

The Library may proctor exams for registered library card holders in good standing, subject to availability of staff. A minimum of one week advance notice is required before any exam will be proctored. In addition, all exam taking requirements and forms must be received from the issuing institution before any tests are taken. Those who would like the Library to proctor an exam should contact the Library at 716-484-7135 Ext. 253. The Library charges $50.00 per hour for this service but no more than $75.00 per exam. Payment must be made before the exam is taken. The test-taker must verify that the following conditions are acceptable to the institution giving the exam before having an exam sent to the James Prendergast Library:

• The Library will proctor mailed, e-mailed, or faxed exams.

• Any costs for printing will be charged at the current rate of .15 per page

• It is the test-taker’s responsibility to coordinate the transfer of the exam from the testing institution to the Library and to verify that the exam has been received by the library.

• The test-taker will allow sufficient time to take an examination before the deadline that has been established by the institution. It is the responsibility of the test-taker to schedule the timing of the exam. Exams must be taken during library open hours and must be completed 30 minutes prior to library closing time.

• Prior to taking the exam, the test-taker is required to present a photo I.D. and to come prepared with the necessary supplies to take the exam. Personal items such as cell phones must not be present while taking an exam.

• The Library cannot guarantee that the proctoring area will be quiet at all times.

• Proctors will enforce any time restrictions placed on the exam as well as other reasonable rules set forth in the exam materials.

• The Library cannot provide a locked or secure place for the exam.

• At the conclusion of the exam, the Library will return it to the testing institution either via email (the test will be scanned) or the U.S. Postal Service at the next regularly scheduled postal pick-up at the library. The test-taker is responsible for postage costs. The library can also fax a copy of a completed exam to the testing institution at the cost of $3.00.

• The library will hold an uncompleted exam for 90 days or until the testing institution’s deadline, whichever is first. Uncompleted exams will be returned to the testing institution if postage is provided. If not, the exam will be destroyed.

• The proctor will not sign a proctoring verification form that attests to more than what the proctor has been able to do.

• It is the test-taker’s responsibility to ensure that the testing institution is satisfied with the Library’s proctoring policy.

• The Prendergast Library will not be responsible for any delayed exam, nor any completed exams once they leave the Library’s possession.

Approved by the James Prendergast Library Board of Trustees 2/2/2013 Revised 12/16/2021