Meeting Room Application

The library has 4 meeting rooms available to the public, as well as our Makerspace. Fill out a meeting room application to reserve:

  1. The Conference Room, which has a maximum capacity of 15
  2. The Literacy Center, which has a maximum capacity of 15
  3. The Fireplace Room, which has a maximum capacity of 95
  4. The Community Room, which has a maximum capacity of 95
  5. The Makerspace, for STEAM-focused programming

Room use is free for all non-profit use. For-profit groups are asked to provide a $50 donation.

A meeting room application is required. You may complete an online application below or download the form, complete it and bring it into the library. 

Please call (716) 484-7135 ext. 226 or email us with any questions.

Room Use Application
Library hours: M-F 9am-7pm, Sat 10am-4pm. Meeting rooms available until 15 minutes prior to closing.
* When making a booking, please include time for your group to set-up and also return the room to its standard arrangement. Any setting up of chairs or rearrangement of furniture and other equipment must be done by the users and then replaced to a standard arrangement when finished. If you need to cancel or modify your reservation, please call (716) 484-7135 ext. 253. For-profit groups and party-type functions are asked to provide a suggested donation of at least $50.00 for each use of a room. Library programming and Library educational events; meetings held by Library-related organizations; nonprofit groups or tutors offering one-on-one sessions will not be asked to provide a donation. Library visitors are expected to comply with the library’s current Rules of Conduct. I have read and understand the James Prendergast Library Association’s “Meeting Room Policy” and “Application for Meeting Room” and agree, on behalf of the applying organization, to be bound by the terms of use set forth therein, including acceptance of liability for either damage to library facilities or loss of library property arising from use of the meeting room by the applicant.

The library’s Meeting Room Policy is available here.