Each day in the Makerspace, staff lead activities that focus on a particular element of STEAM.

Examples of focus activities include, but are not limited to:

    • Examining different objects under microscopes (science)
    • Learning about atoms and basic chemistry with Happy Atoms (science)
    • Building potato clocks (science)
    • Exploring physics with ramps and balls (science)
    • Building and programming robots (science, technology)
    • Designing objects in TinkerCAD and creating them with the 3-D printer (technology)
    • Using a green screen and stop motion technology (technology, art)
    • Learning about coding and programming language with Scratch (technology)
    • Designing computer games and telling stories with Bloxels (technology, art)
    • Introduction to computer software and hardware with Arduinos (science, technology)
    • Introduction to electricity and circuity with Snap Circuits, squishy circuits (science, technology)
    • Modular electronics with Little Bits (science, technology)
    • Writing, filming, and editing movies (art, technology)